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Cat-Themed Wearable Art Patterns
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This page takes time to load because it contains a lot of graphics. If it doesn't appear at first, please give it time. It will appear eventually. I'm working on getting a database in place, but until then you'll need to be patient with this page.

Lots of great cat-themed wearable art patterns are available through the quilting catalogs, but if you're eager for a shirt-with-a-kitty and you don't have time to sew, check out the Web site of cable shopping network QVC. Use their Search feature to search for phrases like "cat sweater" and "kitty shirt." They carry several clothing lines, most notably Quacker Factory and Bob Mackie, which regularly feature cat-themed sweaters and shirts. And the quality tends to be good. But the inventory changes weekly so check the site regularly if you're a fan of cat-themed clothing.

Flower Power Cat Sweatshirt

Flower Power #174 is a quilting applique pattern from Heart to Hand that shows you how to turn an over-sized sweatshirt into ultra chic cat-wear. Get it from Heart to Hand, P.O. Box 916, Cardiff By the Sea, CA 92007, 760/942-5948.

The sweatshirt applique pattern pictured below is from Sew Crafty and it's adorable. It's hard to see from this scan but it includes four applique patterns for kitties in various seasonal poses, all sweatshirt-applique friendly. There's a cartoon kitty with a pumpkin, which you'll absolutely want for Halloween, a kitty with a fishing line, a kitty with a watering can, and a kitty on skates. Get it from Sew Crafty at Pattern Page.Com or by writing Janice Loewenthal,39046 Whitfield Road, Gonzales , LA 70737 Phone (225) 673-8975. Sew Crafty's Purr-fect Companion

The cute applique sweatshirt with three cats is from Whistlepig Creek Productions (ain't that a great name?), 6978 Hoyt Ct., Arvada, CO, 80004.The pattern is #1073 Caterwauling, and is a fusible machine applique design.Whistlepig Cat Shirt

Color Me Cats Vests Color Me Cats is a pattern for quilted vests with some very vibrant and active appliqued cats. Several designs are included, and you may want to make them all, as well as use the cat appliques in quilts. Shirley (Fowlkes) Stevenson at Color Me Patterns, 876 Norwood Rd., Sherman TX, 75092, 800/630-0332.

Shirley's Cat Dancing Blazer "Cat Dancing Blazer" -- Another piece of cat wearable art from Shirley (Fowlkes) Stevenson. Think of what will happen when you wear to work a blazer with wild cats dancing all over it! Color Me Patterns, 876 Norwood Rd., Sherman TX, 75092, 800/630-0332.

Shirley Stevenson's Top CatTop Cat from Color Me Patterns (address above) is for a loose-fitting tunic with nine cats, a tree, and a sun to applique. There are even cats crawling down the sleeves.

Shirley Stevenson's Cats in the Garden Jumper PatternHere's another great pattern from Shirley Steven's Color Me Patterns. (The small photo to the right.) This one is for a jumper with appliqued cats, a fence, and tree branches. Address is above.

Around the Block Cats from Color Me Patterns

In Around the Block Cats, from Color Me Patterns (pictured to the left), you'll find patterns for a dynamite cat purse, and a jumper with a pieced-block-based cat design. These blocks would look great in a quilt too. Address is above.

Trappings, a Coat Pattern from Color Me PatternsLooking for a coat with appliqued cats? Get this beauty from Color Me Patterns. It's called Trappings and includes patterns for 2 pieced wearable art-style tunic coats with a variety of appliqued cats on both the front and the back. Address is above.

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