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The Unfinished Objects Prayer

This is Copyright 2002 Judy Heim. You may link to this Web page, but please, please don't distribute this little essay in e-mail messages or post it on your Web site or in your quilting guild newsletter without my permission. I don't make a lot of money as a writer, I'm only a scribbler because I'm seriously handicapped and can't make my living in any other fashion. I eek out a living as best as I can. I don't mind sharing what I write with other people, and in fact enjoy it very much. But when I find things that I've written on other people's Web sites without my name and used without my permission, it's hurtful and it's frustrating. In the past year I've found entire chapters of books that I've written posted on other people's Web sites without my name or my permission. I've also found essays that I've written circulating anonymously on mailing lists and in newsgroups. Please respect what other people write. I'm happy to share, but I ask only that my work be respected. If you'd like to publish this essay in your quilting guild newsletter, I ask only that you drop me a note asking permission and you include my name.

The Unfinished Objects Prayer

by Judy Heim

Dear God,

I was cleaning the closet where I store my craft projects when I found some things that you left here.

Do you remember that clothespin bag in the shape of a pig that I started sewing in 1976? You sent the idea to me in a dream. I sprung from bed, as I felt that you would have wanted me to, and started cutting the pig's face and ears out of pink felt. Then I cut its snout and its curly tail.

For some reason, I never found the time to sew the pieces of the pig into a clothespin bag as I had planned to do. I have put the unsewn felt pieces, along with the thread, in a box. You may feel free to pick it up at any time.

While I was cleaning I also found the half-completed hooked rug canvas depicting The Last Supper that you left here. I finished stitching Saint Luke's nose. I also started looping around the hem of Saint Mathew's robe. That was as far as I got. That was in 1987. Somehow I got distracted. Something tells me that you would prefer to finish hooking the rest of the rug. I have tucked the unfinished canvas, along with all necessary yarn, in the box along with the felt pig. You may pick it up at your convenience.

You might also remember--if you think back to 1992--that afghan picturing a lighthouse that you inspired me to start crocheting. Unfortunately I lost the stitching chart of the lighthouse. That was while driving through Arkansas. I felt really bad about this because I really did think the afghanwas divinely inspired.

I assume that you will not need the chart to finish the afghan so I am leaving the partially finished afghan in the box along with the The Last Supper and the clothespin bag pig. I am also leaving the crochet hook for you in case you should need it.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with a bit of your creativity. Thank you for giving me the hands and tools to crochet afghans, to hook rugs, and to sew together things that I don't really need, but which make me happy just the same.

Thank you, God, for reminding, me each time I pick up a needle or unwind a spool of thread, of your own magnificent imagination which has sent planets spinning, has peaked mountains toward the stars, and has molded people in such a luminous array of colors, shapes, and sizes that one can't help but to marvel at your genius each time one walks down a crowded street.

Thank you for sharing some of that imagination with me, even though about all I ever do with it is to sew button-eyes on dolls and repair duvet covers with fishing line.

I know that crocheted afghans and hooked rugs are silly in the cosmic whirl of things, where people are dying because we haven't learned how to love and care for each other properly yet. But I believe that you have given me this thing--this ability to have a little fun with a needle and a handful of yarn or a wad of cloth--because you hold out hope for us, we hapless creatures of the human race, because if we make things and give them to others, we might learn the joy that you feel when you make things to give to us.

Whenever I open the door of my craft closet, and see all the fabric, needles, and canvas tumbling out of it, I can't help but to see you, your face, your imagination, your hopes for us, and I thank you for it.

The box of unfinished craft projects will be waiting for you on the steps.


A Stitcher

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Sewing Room Safety Tips for Cats--And Dogs

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