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The New Needlecrafter's Computer Companion

Years ago, when I was supposed to be getting work done, I found myself spending hours reading embroidery advice on computer services like America Online. I thought this was an amazing thing. I thought it amazing that I could find directions for blocking afghans and for machine quilting, as well as converse with other needlecraft-a-holics--on computer services, of all things.

That sense of wonder, together with my own love of needlework, resulted in my writing several books. The Needlecrafter’s Computer Companion: Hundreds of Easy Ways to Use Your Computer for Sewing, Quilting, Cross-stitch, Knitting, and More! (No Starch Press, San Francisco, 1995) explored the basics of designing needlework on a computer. That was followed by a sequel, The Quilter’s Computer Companion (No Starch Press, San Francisco, 1997), written with Gloria Hansen.

In subsequent years, Gloria and I went on to write a series of moderately successful little Internet guides for stitchers. Their titles include: Free Stuff for Quilters on the Internet; Free Stuff for Stitchers on the Internet; Free Stuff for Sewing Fanatics on the Internet; and Free Stuff for Crafty Kids on the Internet. All were published by C&T Publishing.

All the titles, with the exception of Free Stuff for Quilters, are either out of print, or very dated. There are no plans for a new edition of The Quilter's Computer Companion. The problem is that the books simply weren't successful enough to justify new editions. Although they were lots of fun to write.

For a long time I had planned to self-publish a book on how to design needlework on a computer. Visitors to my Web site often write me with questions about how to do things such as print needlepoint canvases in a computer printer, print photos on fabric, turn clipart into embroidery charts, and other similar feits.

I wrote the book, made the models, had the photos taken, but, alas, never got around to publishing the book. Since stitchers still e-mail me nearly every week with those questions, I decided that I owe it to them and to everyone else who's been kind enough to write to me over the years--or who have purchased my books--to make the book and its tutorials available on the Web.

What follows in the next pages is a distillation of all the most worthwhile advice from The Needlecrafter's Computer Companion and The Stitcher's Ultimate Computer Guide.

I'm still in the process of posting all the tutorials, and will probably be doing so for a while. So please bear with me. Tap in regularly if you're looking for specific tutorials.

You can print the pages for your own use. You can pass them out to your friends or your needlecraft guild, for that matter. I ask only that you retain my copyrights on the pages (Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Judy Heim). And if you want to publish them in some fashion you drop me a line. How's that?

And if you have other questions about designing needlework on a computer, feel free to drop me a Note. But please be patient with me, for I get tons of e-mail and it often gets very hard to answer everyone. It seems as if I can never keep up.

Thanks for your love and support through the years! It's meant a great deal.

Happy Stitching!


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Helpful Advice & Tutorials from the New Needlecrafter's Computer Companion

All Sorts of Good Advice on Printing on Fabric with a Computer Printer

  • Everything You Need to Know About Printing Photos on Fabric for Memory Quilts and Other Projects

  • How to Print Photos on Silk in Your Inkjet Printer

  • Judy's Own Wierd Way for Printing Photos on Fabric with an Inkjet

  • How to Print Custom Needlepoint Canvases in Your Inkjet

  • How to Print Photos and Other Art on Embroidery Fabrics Including Aida and Linen

  • A Quick Trick for Getting an Embroidery or Applique Pattern from Your Computer Screen to Your Fabric

    A Bunch of Tutorials on Charting Needlework on a Computer

  • The Pixel to Stitch Charting Trick

  • How to Draw a Lazy Daisy Embroidery Pattern Like the Kind Grandma Stitched on Pillowcases

  • How to Select Clipart for Use in Needlework Designs

  • How to Chart Hardanger

    Look for more great tutorials to be posted in the weeks ahead!

    Quilty Line Break

    Cats Who Quilt is a trademark of Fruitful Plains. Text on this Web site Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Judy Heim. May not be reproduced in any form--in either e-mail messages or on Web sites without written permission. All illustrations are copyright 2000, 2001, and 2002 Irina Borisova. They may not be reproduced without permission. Photos and quilts are copyrighted by their respective artists, and may not be reproduced without their permission.