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A Big--I Mean Really Big List of Cat Quilt Patterns

This page takes time to load because it contains a lot of graphics. If it doesn't appear at first, please give it time. It will appear eventually. I'm working on getting a database in place, but until then you'll need to be patient with this page.

This list of patterns is a product of my own obsession with trying to find the perfect cat quilt pattern.

Of course, like cats, each one is perfect in its own way so I had to buy them all.

I started buying cat quilt patterns about ten years ago. (Yes, I have actually purchased all these patterns--don't tell my husband!). I don't sell these patterns. This list is provided simply for your help and illumination, and to make it easier for you to search for the perfect cat quilt pattern.

Most of these patterns are the kind that you buy in little plastic bags hanging on racks in quilting stores. There are separate pages for Quilt Books Devoted to Cat Quilt Patterns and Quilt Patterns Featuring Embroidered Cats. (As you can see this has indeed grown to be an obsession.) There is also a separate page for Patterns for Quilted Clothing Featuring Cats.

Finally, be sure to take a look at the page for Free Cat Quilt Patterns for it features links to a few very popular cat-themed patterns that you can now download on the Web, including the extremely popular Stairway to Cat Heaven, that was featured in McCall's. There's also a link to a fantastic knitted "cat quilt" that's available as a pattern on Family Circle's Easy Knitting Web site.

Many of these patterns can be ordered from quilting catalogs like Keepsake Quilting (800/865-9458) or Quilts & Other Comforts (800/881-6624). Their life in the catalogs is often short-lived however. That's why I've included contact information for the pattern's publisher or designer whenever I could find it. I've also included links to their Web site whenever I could. (The designer makes more money through direct orders than through catalog sales, so I like to buy from the artist whenever possible.)

You can also take this ordering information--just print this Web page-- to your favorite quilting store and ask them to order the pattern for you. They're used to such requests.

If your store sells any of these patterns, please drop a note and I'll be glad to include a link to your store's Web site.

Do You Sell Cat Quilt Patterns at Your Web Site?

Several quilters wrote to say that they sell cat quilt patterns at their Web sites, and would I include a link? I'd be glad to! Send me your URL, and a small jpeg scan if you'd like me to post any images on this page. Judy

If you have or know of a cat quilt pattern not listed here, please drop me a note. I'd love to hear about it.

New Stuff!

Sandy Berry's 'Hippie Dippy Groovy Cat' Sandy Berry's 'Whisker Lick'n Cat' Sandy Berry's 'Muffin the Quilt Shop Cat' Sandy Berry of Berryvine Designs sells a number of adorable original redwork cat quilt patterns on her Web site. (She also sells some nifty redwork dog patterns, but we're not allowed to promote the 'D' word on this site.)

Bonnie Kaster's 'Cats for All Seasons'I adore Bonnie Kaster's applique designs with the shimmery watercolor effects. I have all her flower patterns. I keep them in the drawer next to my collection of cat quilt patterns, and I promise myself that I will make them all someday. I made one once, and it looked kinda dorky, you know, but that was because of me, not the pattern. Anyhow, Cats for All Seasons is a characteristic Bonnie-applique with cats enjoying every season, even Christmas. Get it from Sweet Memories Publishing, N8852 Old Hwy 47, Black Creek, WI, 54106, 920/525-3026.

Holiday Designs' Fat Cat Several quilters have written me to ask as to the whereabouts of an "applique fat black cat with a smug, sinister look in his eye." Here it is, Fat Cat by Donna Poster of Holiday Designs, 683 Laurel Dr., Boiling Springs, PA, 17007, 717/241-5569. Donna has more cool cat quilt patterns featured on this page. Do a search for "Holiday Designs" to find them or just keep scrolling down.

Shirley (Fowlkes) Stevenson Update


Some of the most popular cat quilt patterns on this site have been designed by Shirley (Fowlkes) Stevenson of Color Me Patterns. Cattywampus, for example. The pattern is for pieced blocks of geometric-looking cat faces. I often see this one at art shows and made up in wild, vibrant colors, but the quiltlooks good in earth tones too.

Color Me's Purr-Fect FriendsAnd then there's Purr-Fect Friends, the ultimate classy cat quilt-pattern, perfect for an artsy hallway or a baby blanket. The scan doesn't do it justice. The blocks are pieced with a very simple pattern. The cats are machine-appliqued with delightful faces.

Shirley also sells numerous patterns for cat-themed wearable art, and they're all wonderful. Check them out on the page for Patterns for Quilted Clothing Featuring Cats.

You can order the patterns from Shirley Stevenson at Color Me Patterns, 876 Norwood Rd., Sherman, TX, 75092, 800/630-0332.

Messengers of MeowHere are a few more patterns from prolific Shirley. Messengers of Meow is a pattern for a cat angel quilt and cat angel dolls.

Feline Dolls from Color Me PatternsAlthough I don't usually post patterns for cat dolls (there are just too many, and they're all too cute), I couldn't resist posting a picture of this new pattern from Color Me Patterns. Feline Friends includes directions for both boy and girl cat-dolls, with adorable faces that are both hand-embroidered and machine appliqued.

Kitty Kapers Here's a nifty pattern that accurately depicts what goes on in the cat lovers' house when the mistress or master is away. Kitty Kapers (the quilt to the left) by Crystal Duval-Kidwell (1582 Tanager Ct., Templeton, CA 93465, 805/434-3339)is a 43" x 60" wall quilt applique pattern. It would look great sewn in flannels. It comes with instructions to convert the pattern to a twin-sized bed quilt.

Sitting Pretty by Jane WilsonThis is a simple, but elegant applique cat on a very-simply pieced border. It's Sitting Pretty from Jane Wilson Designs, Pattern JW-40, 829 Shady Lane, Farmington, NM, 87401, 505/327-7469.

Paws in the PosiesCalico Patterns & Designs sells this lovely applique of a large-eyed cat in a garden of pieced and appliqued blocks. You can also contact them at 201 Auburn Way N., Auburn, WA, 98002, 253-939-0885.

MorrisMorris the Cat poses serene in his bower of machine appliqued flowers. It's by Connie D. Roys. Get it from Pine Meadow Designs, 975 Hickory Grove, Medina, OH, 44256, 330/725-4020.

Cat N' FiddleThe Cat N' the Fiddle by The Country Quilter is a machine applique baby wall quilt. You can e-mail them at, or at 344 Route 100, Somers, NY 10589, 914/277-4820.

Cat NappingHere's a really nifty pattern of a pieced cat posing in front of a nine-patch quilt. It's by Lisa Christensen and is from Three Kids Design Studio, 11557 Baskerville Rd., Jacksonville, FL, 904/262-1913.

Stitch N' Fray QuiltFraidy Cat from I Wanna Quilt! (P.O. Box 177, Meridian, ID, 83680) is a very clever pattern for quick-to-make machine applique with frayed edges (forget tucking the edged under or sewing them down). This is the sort of thing you'd have great fun making with your kids--and the kind of quilt kids would love too.

Do What You Love So Many Fabrics, So Little Time Jane Wilson sells two more clever cat quilt patterns (in addition to the "Sitting Pretty" listed above. These are both for machine applique. "Do What You Love" (with a cat sitting on a shelf above a sewing machine) and "So Many Fabrics, So Little Time" (with a quilting cat carrying off a heap of fabric, something our Web site visitors can relate to). Get 'em from: Jane Wilson Designs, Pattern JW-40, 829 Shady Lane, Farmington, NM, 87401, 505/327-7469.

Muttonhead's Kitty in Garden This is one of my very favorite patterns. It's for a baby quilt. It's designed to help you use up all those scraps in your closet. Don't you love those bright flowers? It's Kitty in a Garden from Muttonhead/Beath Wheeler Creative Services, 8667 Sudley Road, Box 283, Manassas, VA 20110-4588.

My Friend the Cat I used to have one of those dapper black cats who would sit for hours in the tulip or look out the window at the moon. "My Friend the Cat" from Studio 55 captures that essence of "black cat-ness" in these three patterns. Get it from Studio 55, 639 Leetown Rd., Stormville, NY 12582, 914/226-7608

Jacks & Fraidy Cats Looking for a Halloween-cat pattern? Get a copy of#127 Jacks & Fraidy Cats, from Joined at the Hip, 547 1st Ave., S.E., Britt, IA 50423, 515/843-4445 or 515/843-3475.

Cat Nap by Carol Roeda Cat Nap is a lovely applique wall quilt by Carol Roeda which pictures a puppy peering out a window to watch a napping cat in a garden. It's from Four Corners, 2115 Teakwood, Suite 550, Plano, TX, 75075, 800/573-3687.

Heartland's painted cat quilt Sue Kruger designed this clever quilt which features cats in a variety of cat-chevious poses--and one dog too. The trick is: they're painted onto the quilt squares. Sue includes painting instructions. She's an awful good painter. I don't know if I could do as well. Get it from Heartland Creations, 1407 Rivercrest Dr., Warsaw, IN 46580, 574/269-3446.

Siamese If You Please Cats in the Attic Linda Hibbert at Silver Lining Originals sells two pieced cat quilt patterns: "Siamese, If You Please" (for all you Siamese fans) and "Cats in the Attic."

Santa's Helper Turtle Gap Quilts sells several cat patterns on their Web site including "Santa's Helper."

Quilty Line Break

Web Sites that Sell Lots of Cat Quilt Patterns, Including Special Ones That They've Designed Themselves

From Country Appliques Country Appliques sells a number of cat applique patterns on their Web site. And they're really cute. Click the picture of the Teddy bear applique to get to the cat ones.

Feline FiestaKay Stanley, the owner of Golden Needles & Quilts designed this pattern called Feline Fiesta. You can buy it in block-of-the-month kit form from Quiltscapes. Their main page is at

MaryLou & Company offers a number of original cat quilt patterns on their Web site. CATastrophe is their most popular. There's also Kitty Blend...Le' Cat Le' Hat...and my favorite Quilter's Angel. Tap into MaryLou & Company's Web site to order.

Sharon Malec sells a wide selection of patterns of wonderful "picture quilts" of cats--and dogs at her Web site. These are detailed pieced quilts, reminiscent of the applique of Charlotte Warr Anderson. Sharon will create a custom pattern for you from your photo of a cat (or dog). Or, she will create a quilt for you. These are marvelous and beautiful quilts!

Jackie Dodge's Block of the Month Cat Quilt offers 12 marvelous applique patterns for cute cats involved in kitty antics. There are cats looking out a window, chasing yarn, and pretending to be cat gods. Really cute!

Ooh! Cat Quilt Patterns Based Upon Laurel Birch & Linnea Riley Cat Paintings
What cat doesn't enjoy romping amid ribbons and ornaments as much as poking a paw into sewing baskets? You can buy a pattern based on this painting by Linnea Riley from The Susan Myers Co.

Cat Web Site Frequenter Susan Hodge writes that while on a business trip she found some new cat quilt patterns based on the art works of Laurel Burch and Linnea Riley. They're from The Susan Myers Co.. They're wonderful! You just gotta see these!

The patterns based on the paintings of Linnea Riley truly the capture the festive feline spirit at Christmas. These are also the first patterns I've seen based on the whimsical cat art of Burch.

You can order the patterns from Susan Myers' Web site, or write the company at 4981 Keane Dr., Carmichael, CA 95608, (916/483-5855).

Tail of the Plaid Cat -- Visit the Web site of The Plaid Cat for a selection of lovely quilt patterns, many cat-centric. Be sure to read the "Tale of the Plaid Cat" when you visit.

Paper Panache offers several paper piecing patterns for cat blocks, including one featuring a cat crawling into a basket of fabric. Head to their alphabetical pattern list and search for "Cat."

Nancy Richoux at Spring Creek NeedleArt has four new kitty quilt patterns in her collection of cat quilt patterns. She offers a special price to those who want to purchase all four. Very nice!

Lots of Cats in the Alley at Alley Cat Tales

Alley Cat Tales Several cat lovers have written asking how to find and/or buy the adorable cat quilt patterns from Alley Cat Tales. You can visit their Web site. They sell dozens of wonderful cat doll and quilt patterns--and even cat quilt-themed keychains and jewelry. They also sell an Alley Cats fabric panel that includes pieces for pillows, the alley cat dolls, and a quilt. Some of the cat quilts come in kit form. Alleycat Tales, 22172 Platino, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, (949)224-9804.

Machine Applique Cat Quilts Patterns! Marc Konchinsky of Critter Pattern Works writes that he sells a large variety of quilt patterns for creating blocks with machine applique cats. Titles include "Critters In a Hurry," "Cat Faces" and "Too Many Cats.

Folkart Cats -- The Stitchin' Post offers a unique pattern by folkart painter John Simpkins. You can buy the pattern and fabric in quarterly installments.

Barbie Swanson sells two lovely cat quilt patterns on her Web site: Can't Fence Me In and Psychodelic Spools & My Psycho Cats. One pictures a silhoutte of a kitty amid the stars.

Buy Quilt Patterns of 'Busy Cats' from Donna Poster at Holiday Designs

Garden Cat Busy Cat
Cats lead very busy lives. This bright and adorable applique pattern from Holiday Designs portrays a big-eyed cat in six scenes of mischief, from checking out a grocery sack to peeking around a shower curtain in "Busy Cat. "Garden Cat" shows a cat doing what cats do best in a garden: keeping an eye on things.Holiday Designs, 683 Laurel Dr Boiling Springs, Pa 17007, 717/774-5329.

Peekaboo Cats by Kathy Love is a very clever pieced quilt in which the blocks picture cat faces peeking from potted plants. Love Quilt Patterns has a Web site where you can order from its extensive catalog. Or, you can write them at 1984 Treseder Circle, El Cajon, CA, 92019, 619/447-6104.

Kathy sells many other cat quilt patterns, including The Bounty Hunter, a fall-themed pattern, and Circus Cats. She also sells a pattern for a cat angel Advent calendar. The angel includes little pockets for candy to get you through Advent.

Miss Kitty Bowsers & Meowsers

Debbie Mumm

Debbie Mumm sells many wonderful cat quilt patterns, several of which are excellent for beginning quilters. My favorite is Miss Kitty>, a quick-fuse wall-hanging. Other good patterns for beginners can be found in her book >Bowsers & Meowsers.You'll also find other cat quilt patterns in Debbie Mumm's other books like "Americana Country." To order them visit Debbie Mumm's Web site or call 1-888-819-2923.

Pam Bono Designs

Midnight Snack

Pam Bono is by far the favorite cat quilt designer of visitors to this Web site.

You can find her quilt Midnight snack, in which kitty contemplates fishbowl delicacies, in her book "Quilt It for Kids" available on her Web site Pam Bono Designs.

While you're there get a copy of "Calico in Iris." ays Pam, "It's the beginning of our new six-part bimonthly block of the month. There will be six designs, each with a different cat in different flowers. All the borders are different as well as interchangeable." All the patterns can be sewn as either wall-sized or bed-sized quilts.

Pam sells many other very beautiful cat quilt patterns on her Web site, including Blue Cat, Cat Naps--which is great for beginners, and another cat-centric pattern in her book Quick Rotary Cutter Pieced Quilts.

Quilty Line Break

More of My Very Favorite Cat Quilt Patterns

I Love My Cat"I Love My Cat" by Lynette Anderson runs in the October, 1999 issue of Australian Patchwork & Quilting. You can sometimes order this issue of the magazine for $6.95 from Connecting Threads' catalog (800/574-6454).

Lapping It Up -- This quilt, by Beverly Mattila, is from a pattern in one of Georgia Bonesteele's older quilting books. If you have more information on it, drop me a note.

Diagonal Cats If you're looking for a pattern of pieced quilt of long-tailed cats, get a copy of Andrea Proudfoot's clever pattern called Diagonal Cats. It has a strong geometric look that carries the viewer's eyes along the tails and ears of the cats. ($9, 5309 Schulmeyer Rd., Yreka, CA, 96097, 530/842-5589,

Have you seen the stunning applique cat quilt on the Spring 2000 cover of Keepsake Quilting? It's by applique diva Maggie Walker. You can buy the pattern and fabric in block-of-the-month club format from Keepsake, but it's pricey: $44.99 for the first month, and $22.99 for the next nine months, plus shipping. You can also buy it from Maggie Walker Designs. If you're not so ambitious, you can buy a tote or wall poster with a picture of the completed quilt.

Sawtooth Cats A number of quilters have written to ask where to buy this clever pieced pattern by Janet Miller of The City Stitcher and which is called Sawtooth Cats. The pattern doesn't list any contact information. (Janet, are you out there?) But you can buy it at The Calico Cat.

Cattuccino Trish Stuart's Cattacino is a fun and funky stained glass cat quilt. "From start to finish in one day! Designed specifically for the beginner!" says the pattern. Twisted Threads, 907/522-1781, or fax 907/522-1780, 1820 Minerva Way, Anchorage, AK, 99515.

El Gato: Santa Fe Chic Put a little fun into your southwestern decor with El Gato, a cutey-pie southwestern appliqued cat from Jane Wilson Designs, 829 Shady Lane, Farmington, NM, 87401, 505/327-7469.

Quilter's Kitty This marvelous cat quilt design from England Design Studios is made by "picture piecing, an original technique using freezer paper." According to the pattern "It is entirely machine sewn. This pattern has only straight seams, there are no set-in angles to worry about. It's really not as hard as it looks." The pattern comes with iron-on freezer paper templates, plus a full-color chart for matching fabric choices to the ones that the designer used. It's Quilter's Kitty and you can buy it from England Design Studios' Web site or by writing 803 Voyager, Houston, TX, 77062, 281/488-3936.

HarmonyLisabeth Polouski designed this applique wall quilt cat with an Oriental flavor and which is called Harmony. The quilt is small (21" x 24")but it's perfect for beginning appliquers. Buy it from Portraits of Life, 215 Rodman St., Peace Dale, RI, 02883, 401/782-1027.

Cats Galore Foundation Sheets -- Lynn Graves sells two sets of foundation sheets. One set is for a miniature cat quilt and makes 16 tiny blocks(that's the one pictured). The bigger set makes 20 blocks of 6x6 inches and 6x9. Mice blocks are also included in both sets. From Little Foot Ltd., 605 Bledsoe NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87107, 505/345-7647.

Cat & Dog Patches -- Both cat and dog lovers will adore these patterns for pieced blocks picturing dog and cat faces. These are the sort of basic patterns that are easy to personalize. Imagine a quilt of cat face blocks with each block embellished in a different way--and given a unique expression. From Country Appliques, P.O. Box 7109, Shawnee, KS, 66207, 913/491-1237.

Cat Nap -- A simple-to-sew applique of a tubby kitty enjoying a cat nap is the focus of this wall quilt by Rachel Pellman. (Not to be confused with the Cat Nap pattern listed below.) It's available in both kit and pattern-only flavors. No publisher contact information is listed on the pattern.

Jenny's Sewing Studio of Salisbury, Md sells a pattern for a Kitty Cucumber & Friends quilt that uses those sweet Kitty Cucumber panels in pieced blocks.

"Cataberry Tails" -- This is an especially clever paper-pieced quilt. The pattern is for a wall quilt, but the geometric design of the "spiralling" cats would look great as a bed-sized quilt. This is a large and thorough pattern with good instructions--in other words, you get a lot for your money. You can get it for $15 (that includes shipping) from Stitch 'n Kitt'n,129 Stonebriar Dr., Sulphur Springs, TX 75482,903/438-9032 or by writing Bettie Hammock.

"Mouse Maze 1 - Willie's Quilt" -- This clever quilt shows a cat spying a mouse through a maze. It's billed as a child's "puzzle and play quilt" but is also suitable for adults who want to hang something fun on the wall. Artist Shelley Hilton Pace writes that her 18-pound "tubby tabby" Willie served as the model. "He patiently endured it each time I got in his face to work on the maze cat's features." Willie is diabetic and on insulin. Shelley works both professionally and in volunteer capacity for organizations for diabetics (both people and cats). Wild Prairie Patterns, 1702 Marie Lane, Irving, TX, 75060.

"Boo" -- The original pattern is for a black cat. This is the version I made with a gray cat, and borders of Art Deco fabric. By Mace Motif, 106 Manito Rd., Manasquan, NJ, 08736, 908/223-4434.

"An Open Invitation" -- Lovely detailed applique wall quilt of a tabby cat snooping through a sewing basket. From Legacy In Stitches, 720 N. Green, Kennewick, WA, 99336, 509/783-7804.

Quilty Line Break