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The Men of Quilting (and the Women Who Love Them) Or, The Stories of the Good, the Brave and Those Who Pay Our Whopping Fabric Bills

Several years ago, I and a pal put together a little Web site as a joke. It was called "Studs of Quilting." It was a spoof on the girlie calendars that hang in auto repair shops. Our "studs" described their fantasies which usually involved spending ostentatious amounts in fabric stores while hanging onto the arm of a nebbish, bifocaled woman in a crocheted vest and who is not embarrassed that she is suffering from middle-aged spread.

Many quilters e-mailed me pictures of their husbands, nominating them as "Stud of the Month." Invariably these women would e-mail me back the next day, frantic, pleading that I not post their husband's photo as a "quilting stud" because their husband wasn't fond of the idea of appearing on the Internet with other guys and their fantasies about quilting tools.

Our husbands do suffer a lot for us. They sleep through the whir of the sewing machine at 2 a.m. They don't complain when needles puncture their toes as they shuffle barefoot through the rumpus room (they don't complain too much anyhow). They assemble for us all those discount storage cabinets we buy at Wal-Mart. (My husband was screwing together cabinets for me for weeks.) Some good husbands even accompany us to fabric stores and try not to flinch too much when we sign a credit card receipt that's nearly as big as the weekly food bill.

We are lucky to have them. We sure are.

That's why I decided to put up a new Web page honoring the men who sacrifice their summer weekends to go to quilt shows with us and who gladly wear the sweaters we knit them even when they don't fit very well.

Welcome to Men of Quilting (and the Women Who Love Them)

Our October Quilting Guy of the Month is Gene!

Sharon in St. Louis of Quilters' Express Tours writes:

Gene, Quilting Guy of the Month My nominee for Quilt Guy of the month is my husband Gene. He answers computer-related questions so I can have a website for my quilting tour business. He spends his vacation days traveling with a person(me) covered with threads from sewing in the car and wearing what my family considers a dorky hat(decorated with quilting memorabilia for my business signature) so I can checkout new places to take tours.

His pay for going to AQS show in Paducah, Ky with me was getting to eat his way across the city. He was delighted to find barbeque, a bakery, kettle corn, brats, and seafood all in one day. His latest contribution to my world of quilting was setting up a tent for me so I could be the 'information center' during Quilts on Main in historic St. Charles, Missouri. He has willing volunteered to provide transportation for our 16-year-old son when I head to Chicago to babysit one day for our granddaughter which has some how or the other turned into a four-day trip so I can visit quilt shops while in the area.

Thank you, Gene. You're the best. -- Sharon

Our first nominee was....well, John.

Here is John with his faithful guide dog Walker who is modeling a Green Bay Packers "Cheesehead" hat.
John is my husband. He goes to quilt shows with me even though he can't see and grows really bored. (John is blind.) He goes to fabric stores with me even though he doesn't see the clerks gape at him when he cracks lame jokes like "Do you have a dart in here somewhere that I can buy? I love to put lots of darts in fabric, but I can never seem to find them in the stores."

He lets me use his power tools to hang stuff on my sewing room walls even though I keep breaking them. He plants flowers outside my sewing room window, then struggles all summer to keep them growing.

John created this Web site for me. Pretty darn cool, huh? He also had to listen to all the guys on our ISP's tech support line snickering whenever he told them our Web site's name. "Yes, that's right, it's CatsWhoQuilt. Yes, that's "cats" as in C-A-T and "quilt" as in "Q-U-I-L-T....No, I don't know if cats can quilt! How should I know? I just want to know why you can't my SQL scripts running!"

Yes, John is blind. He designed this whole Web site, even the graphics and page layouts. And he got the shopping cart working too, as well as the secure server, the MySQL scripts, the customer database, and all sorts of things that are too complicated for me to even understand.

Little does John know that if this Web site ever receives orders, he will be packing books and slapping the addresses to boxes.

But I'm sure he won't mind because well, he's my husband and he's quite a guy.

Where would we be without our husbands, hey?

So this page is dedicated to John, our first Quilting Guy of the Month.

If you would like to nominate your husband as Quilting Guy of the Month, and would like his picture and story to appear on this site, e-mail me at I get tons of e-mail and I'm really bad at responding to everything in a timely fashion. But I try, I really do.

Quilty Line Break

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