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Please read these all-important sewing room safety tips for pets!

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World's Biggest Cat Quilt Pattern Database. Find cat quilting patterns in this "shareware" directory of cat patterns around the world.

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Is there a special guy in your life who runs your quilting Web site, who drives you to fabric stores, who humors you with "Honey, but that quilt looks lovely!" when you're too embarrassed to pull it out of the closet? Honor your special guy here in our special feature Quilt Guy of the Month!

Help for Handicapped Stitchers
Looking for information on how to use a sewing machine with a blow stick or help for quilting if your eyesight is failing? Here's some help.

This page takes time to load because it contains a lot of graphics. If it doesn't appear at first, please give it time. It will appear eventually. I'm working on getting a database in place, but until then you'll need to be patient with this page.

This is a list of all the cat-themed quilt patterns I've found free for downloading from various Web sites. If you know of a free cat quilt pattern to download somewhere on the Web, please send me the URL at Cats Who Quilt. Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to contribute to this page, and in particular to inform me about the availability of the "Cat Stairway to Heaven" pattern.

Cat Stairway to HeavenCat Stairway to Heaven is a very popular pattern with quilters, and you can download it for free from the McCall's Quilting website. Thank you to the gobzillions of quilters who've written to tell me this! I appreciate it. Thanks!

A while back the magazine Family Circle Easy Knitting ran a pattern for an adorable knitted cat afghan. (No, it's not an afghan for your cat, but an afghan for you. With cats on it!). It's really a great pattern. The magazine posted the entire pattern on their Web site on their "Corrections" page. You can tap into it by heading there, and clicking on the Family Circle Easy Knitting Cat Afghan Pattern.

Here's an updated link to the Kids Cat Quilt Pattern that's available free from Maria Hohn and Quilter's Cache.

Hans' Sewing & Vacuum in Wisconsin (my all-time fav sewing machine store because you know they can always get my klunky sewing machine sewing again, no matter how badly I've abused it) offers an Easy-to-Make Cat Quilt pieced pattern on their Web site.

Auntie's Kitties is a free quilt pieced quilt block pattern that you can download from Quiltzine.Com.

Sandy at Sundrop Designs offers a free Teardrop Kitty applique pattern.

Eliza offers four applique cat patterns to download from her "earth spirit" Web site.

Susan Druding, the quilting guide at About.Com, offers a free pattern for a Halloween Black Cat for Paper Piecing in the About.Com Quilting center. There are also pumpkin blocks to download.

Shizuka Uchida, a quilter in Japan, and Web mistress of Kitten's Mitten, offers a free paper-pieced cat block to download.

Sunny Warner, author and illustrator of the delightful children's book "The Moon Quilt" offers a free cat quilt pattern on her Web site. It is a poetic-looking quilt featuring a cat looking at the moon.

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