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Free Cat Quilt Patterns to Download
Free Cat Quilt Patterns to Download

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Quilting Pattern Books with Cat Quilts

Elizabeth Spannring Cat Quilts

"Cats and Dogs" by Elizabeth Spannring is available through The Plaid Cat. I like this book because it features a number of patterns for great dog and cat-block quilts (which are pictured), and also a pattern that uses cat fat quarters without making the quilt look too busy.

Janet Kime Cat Quilt Books

Pieced Himalayan from Cat's MeowThe Cat's Meow: Purr-Fect Quilts for Cat Lovers by Janet Kime, illustrated by Karin La Framboise is the best-selling cat quilt pattern book ever. It contains 18 pieced and applique quilt patterns of cat blocks (and 1 pattern for dogs). Ninety-six pages. There's even a pattern for a Sunbonnet Sue with a cat tail. You can Buy it here from Cats Who Quilt.

It's Raining Cats & Dogs: Paper Pieced Quilts for Pet Lovers by Janet Kime is another popular cat quilt book. I've seen it at just about every fabric and quilting store I've ever shopped at, which is why we don't sell it here. Janet is coming out with a Christmas cat-and-dog quilt book this summer and which is somewhat similar to this book. Watch for it in the stores this summer.

Laurel Burch Quilts

Laurel Burch Book Laurel Burch's quilt pattern book is one to die for. Really. This is a book you just gotta have. I love Burch's enamel cat earrings (I have a drawer full, all bought on Ebay, where Burch earrings and collectibles are everywhere). The book includes quilt patterns for 12 of Burch's well-known animal paintings, including Mariah Moonbeam (a big cat face), Feline Fairies (the cat angels in the quilt pictured here), and also Mythical Dogs.

Laurel Burch Feline Fairies QuiltLaurel Burch Quilt

You won't find some of Burch's most famous cat paintings rendered in quilts in this book, however. Like Rainbow Cats (you know, the one of two rainbow-colored cats standing side by side). For a quilt pattern for Rainbow Cats and other Burch cats head to the Web site of the Susan Myers Company.Susan offers some really fantastic patterns here for Burch cat quilts. To buy Burch's "Kindred Creatures" book you can head to the The Cats Who Quilt Shop to pick it up.

Kitties to Stitch & Quilt"Kitties to Stitch & Quilt" by Nancy Martin offers iron-on transfers for 15 adorable kitties in domestic scenes for redwork embroidery. It also includes several patterns for making pieced '30s feedsack-style quilts in which to use the kittie patterns. You can buy this book from the Cats Who Quilt Web site, or by hitting the Shopping button at the left.

Hard-to-Find But Worthwhile Cat Quilt Books

The following is a list of cat quilt pattern books I've spotted through the years, but they're tough to find. None can be purchased through Amazon.Com (at this writing. I strongly recommend stopping by at Bette Feinstein's Hard to Find Needlework Books. If Bette doesn't have it in stock, drop her a note and ask her to keep her eyes open for a copy. She's good at digging up hard-to-find good-stuff. I've also had great success finding out-of-print books at Bibliofind.

"Cat Quilts & Crafts" by LaVera Langeman -- This is my absolute favorite cat quilt pattern book! It offers 37 thrilling different applique cats in a variety of poses. It includes chapters on creating "Catty Clothes" and tablecloths, pillows, and even a cat Christmas tree skirt! Templates are for machine applique, but can be hand stitched too. Published by Chilton's, Amazon.Com reports that the book is out of print. But it was featured in Clotilda's Spring, 1999 catalog (800/772-2891). It also tends to pop up in other sewing catalogs now and then.
"Too Many Cats" -- #4600 from Critter Patterns by Debora Konchinsky; variety of appliqued cats. Available from Clotilda's catalog at 800/772-2891, or 2 Sew Smart Way B8031, Stevens Point, WI 54481-8031.

"Cats, Cats, Cats' -- A book with 20 beginner-level pieced cat block projects. (I saw one of these made up by quilt artist Judith Reilly, in the book "America's Heritage Quilts" [Better Homes & Gardens, 1991]. She took the simple blocks, and adorned the cats with beanies, bunnie ears, balloons, cowboy hats, jogging shoes, and whatnot. Awfully clever.) Available from Clotilda's catalog at 800/772-2891, or 2 Sew Smart Way B8031, Stevens Point, WI 54481-8031.

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