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Stories About Special Cats Who Quilt
Read stories about special cats who quilt, submitted by visitors to this Web site. Submit your own story about your quilting cat.

Sewing Room Safety Tips for Cats--And Dogs
Please read these all-important sewing room safety tips for pets!

Free Cat Quilt Patterns to Download
Free Cat Quilt Patterns to Download

World's Biggest Cat Quilt Pattern Database
World's Biggest Cat Quilt Pattern Database. Find cat quilting patterns in this "shareware" directory of cat patterns around the world.

Excerpts from 'Cats Who Quilt'
Read excerpts from the book 'Cats Who Quilt'

More Excerpts from 'Cats Who Quilt'
Read more excerpts from 'Cats Who Quilt'

Table of Contents
Read the Table of Contents of 'Cats Who Quilt'

Certificate of Membership in League of Cats Quilters'
Read about the Certificate which comes in the book, or can be purchased separately.

History of Cats Who Quilt
History of the Web site, and the book's rocky road into print.

Judy's Page
You can read about me and find out why I do these crazy things.

Needlecrafter's Computer Companion
Everything you need to know about printing on fabric in a computer printer and other tutorials.

Unfinished Objects Prayer
Proof that all our needlework projects come from a higher source!

Men of Quilting
Is there a special guy in your life who helps run your quilting Web site, who drives you to fabric stores, who humors you with "Honey, but that quilt looks lovely!" when you're too embarrassed to pull it out of the closet? Honor your special guy here in our special feature Quilt Guy of the Month!

Help for Handicapped Stitchers
Looking for information on how to use a sewing machine with a blow stick or help for quilting if your eyesight is failing? Here's some help.

The Cats Who Quilt Web Site Now Has an Exciting New Book for Your Cat!

Cat in the Quilting Hat Cats Who Quilt

The First Quilting Book for Cats!

Written by Judy Heim, Illustrated by Irina Borisova

Is Your Cat a Quilter?

Does your cat climb into your lap as you quilt? Does your cat chase balls of thread and try to help you as you sew? Does your cat act as if the quilt you are sewing is really hers? If so here is the book your cat has been waiting for!

In "Cats Who Quilt" Your Cat Will Learn:

  • How to Supervise a Human Quilter
  • How to Play With a Sewing Basket
  • How to Improve Quilts
  • How to Nap on Quilts
  • How to "Pose" With Quilts and How to Enter Them in Contests

Cover of Cats Who Quilt

Best of all, your cat will learn how to improve your quilts as well as how to improve your sorry life as a quilter!

Cats Who Quilt also includes...

  • Advice on Wearable Art for Cats
  • The History of Cats and Quilting
  • A Glossary of Sewing Machine Attachments and How Cats Use Them in Quilting
  • Plus Heartwarming Stories About Quilters and the Cats Who Share Their Lives
  • A Gallery of Exciting Cat-Created Quilts
  • A Special Tear-Out Certificate of Membership in the League of Cat Quilters. Calligraphy the name of your beloved quilting cat on it and frame it for all the world to see and admire your cat as a Genuine Cat Quilter.

Make Your Cat Proud to Be a Cat Quilter!

Quilty Line Break

The book is 96-pages and is filled with full-color illustrations by famed children's book illustrator Irina Borisova. The book has been beautifully designed by gifted quilt book designer Christina Jarumay.

Quilty Line Break

Cats Who Quilt -- Where Quilters and Cats Meet on the Web

Since this crazy page went up eight years ago, thousands of cat-loving quilters have written to tell me about their cat fabric stashes, their cat quilt patterns--and of course, their cats. I had no idea what a collective nerve I was striking in cyberspace when I came up with this page. I've heard from quilters as faraway as Australia and the Far East telling me how they were snatching up cat print fabrics, just like I am, to make into a cat quilt "someday."

Cat in Snazzy Quilted Vest

You'll find on this Web site links to cat quilt patterns around the of cat quilting fabric on how to search for out-of-print cat quilt stories of real-life cat quilters.

While you're here, please read the Cat-In-Your-Sewing-Room Safety Tips. You just may save your cat's life (or your dog's).

And if you have a story and/or picture of your quilting cat, please write me at Cats Who Quilt. I'd love to add it to the site.

By the way, if anyone knows of a cat fabric swap for quilters in Australia, please drop me a note. I've heard from overseas cat quilters who'd like to participate in swaps, but don't wish to pay high postage costs to mail fabric to the United States.

Cat paws walking across a quilt
You Are Not the Only One! The World Is Full of Cat Quilt Lovers

Stories About Special Cats Who Quilt

Sewing Room Safety Tips for Cats--And Dogs

Free Cat Quilt Patterns to Download

World's Biggest Cat Quilt Pattern Database

Cat Quilt Pattern Books

Cat Embroidery Patterns that Are Good for Quilts

Cat Print Fabrics & Fabric Swaps

Cat-Themed Wearable Art Patterns

How to Search for Out of Print and Hard-to-Find Cat Quilt & Embroidery Patterns

Where to Buy Cat Quilts

Decorating Ideas for Cats (and People) Who Quilt

Cat Quilt Trivia

Magazine Articles About Cat Quilts

Cat paws walking across a quilt

Final Thoughts on Cats Who Quilt

Bunch O' Cats in Basket

Cheryl Mason, an "admitted slave to feline masters", writes:
"Perhaps this true story will answer the foolish question 'Do Cats Quilt?' A cat named Bernie living at a Bernina dealership in Macon, Georgia was asked to choose the quilt design to be used in an entry to the Smithsonian's quilting contest in 1995. Two possible designs were drawn on the same size newsprint. Both were laid out on a table. Bernie displayed his preference by rolling around on the design he preferred. The resulting quilt ranked as a finalist in the contest was displayed at the fall International Quilt Festival in Houston. These events can be verified by the Macon Telegraph & News article in November, 1995 on the feline accomplishment. It is obvious, cats are talented designers. They could sew quilts if they wished, but why should they when they have mortals to do the chore. Cats need their energy to hone their creativity and discriminating tastes. They also need all their energy to nap."

If you have a cat quilt you've made that you'd like featured on this page--or maybe a new cat quilt pattern you've found, drop me a note at Cats Who Quilt. If you're a store owner who sells any of the patterns on this page, drop a note telling me which patterns you carry and I'll add a link to your store's page. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with work deadlines and it takes me a while to add links. Please be patient--and don't hesitate to bug me if you don't find a link to your site after you write me.